Focus T25: A Perfect Exercise Regimen For Building Your Body

People look for the perfect way to work out and have a muscular body. They spend hours going to the gym or follow workout regimen that can help them to develop the desired body. Working out harder may or may not help you to develop your abs, muscles and thus a healthy body. Instead it may make you feel exhausted and also can harm your body. So if you are looking for smart workout options then the name is Focus T25 workout which can help you to work out in a smarter way with the help of proper exercise routines. 


Facts about Focus T25 workout program;

This program is created by the famous choreographer and renowned fitness trainer Shaun T, who is also known for his other Beach body programs like Insanity and Insanity Asylum. He has been a famous name in the choreography background and has attained degree in sports medicine. This comprehensive program can change the lives of many people. The 25 minute effective workout program is better than the other Beach body programs where you have to sweat more and work harder. This time saving workout is the result of trial and error of thousands of moves by Shaun T. Each of the workouts in the series is 25 minutes in length. The workout program has different scheduled work options where one of it can be done in a day and for five days a week. The stretching DVD is included for the sixth day which is less exhausting than the other workout programs. 


What does it contain;

The Beachbody program Focus T25 workout generally comprises of the following;

· A quick start guide so that you can understand about the program start with a lot of energy

· There are 11 workout DVDs which can be done for 25 minutes each and for five days a week. 

· A 5 day fast track guide which is a great start to get immediate results

· Proper workout calendar which helps you to know the reason behind the program and how to follow the regimen properly. The wallsize daily calendar of workout can help you to track progress the workout

· The proper nutritional meal plan that can help you to save your time planning the meal and you can have a balanced diet

· The workout resistance band, the only equipment which is needed for the workout.


How does the fitness program work?

Focus T25 workout is based on a certain theory which is known as Focus Interval Training. Here you need to focus on one muscle at a time till it is exhausted and you are unable to do more rep of it. Then you need to move to another muscle group where you continue the same process and move on to the next. This pure intensity workout is just for 25 minutes in a day which can help you to shape your body. The program is divided into varied phases so that you can easily follow the routine without much hassle.


The phases are as follows:

Alpha phase;

The alpha phase lasts for 1 month and it basically includes 5 workouts. This is the introduction phase which comprises of the following;

· Cardio; This stresses on melting the fat and building the leans muscles that are under the fat. The DVD stresses on lower ab and lower body area workouts

· Speed 1.0; This will help you to boost the process of calorie burn with the help of the cardio and lower body workout programs.

· Total body circuit; This is very good for sculpting your entire body with the help of the interval workout that can be done twice in 25 minutes. 

· Ab intervals; These are the best techniques to chisel your abs

· Lower focus; This workout will help you to lean your legs to a great extent.

Beta phase;

This phase is also for one month and it has 5 workout phases which are as follows;

· Core cardio; This can start your progress at a faster rate

· Speed 2.0: This can help you to burn the calories very easily burning the body fat

· Ripped circuit: This can help you to shed fat and build your entire body

· Dynamic Core; This is the best way to shape the core abdominal muscles in your body

· Upper Focus: This will help you to carve your shoulders, back or chest and get a healthy body.

Gamma phase;

· Extreme circuit: This will help you to focus on your upper body and build a healthy body

· Pyramid: This is a total body workout which will help you to be stronger

· Speed 3.0 : This will help you to burn more of calories with the help of the fast paced workout

· Rip’T up: This workout is good for upper body circuit cardio


Other resources of the workout program;

Other bonuses that you can get with the help of the workout program are a complete nutritional guide where you can get 25 recipes that are good for your health. The recipes can be prepared with the help of 5 ingredients and are easy to cook. So you can get a complete balanced diet with the help of the effective meal plans. The quick start guide will help you to know more about the program and understand the correct way to start it. The 5 day fast track is for those people who want immediate results in this domain. This is a modified version of the meal plan and you can limit yourself to 1100 calories per day. The stretch workout guide is not as exhausting as the other workout regimen. You can do this in the rest day to improve your flexibility and relax your muscles. The alpha beta workout calendar will help you to know about which exercise you need to do in a certain day. This calendar is good for the Focus T25 workout program as it can make you aware of the exercises done in 60 days. The B-line resistance band is a 15 pound band and is the only equipment that you need to use in this workout for adding resistance to your daily exercise regimen. 



The benefits of Focus T25 workout are as follows:

· Focus T25 workout is a very short an intense workout that consumes very less time

· The workout program can help you to get an athletic body with the help of the alpha phase abs interval routine

· In the first week of going through this workout regimen you can lose 3-5 pounds which can go up to 22-37 pounds depending on the metabolic levels and the meal plans

· You do not have to go through a long tiring workout routine to get the desired body that you have dreamt of

· The 5 day fast track is one of the best way to motivate yourself to go through this workout regimen

· You can effectively build a lot of muscles without using any dumbbells and lots of weights 

· The compact and the comprehensive workout routine will help you to concentrate on the routine without finding any sort of excuses to stay away from it

· The Beachbody workout program is divided in to several phases which is always interesting to follow. You will never feel bored while you are undergoing the workout routine. The fast paced workout is full of action and you will love to do it.

· Your habits change completely as you start to eat healthy and follow a perfect workout regimen which will result in a healthy body. 

· Now you do not have to go to a gym or spend money on being a member of any health club or gym. This home fitness program will help you to get the desired results effectively. 

· Focus T25 workout is a good Beachbody program that is suitable for both the beginners as well as the experienced people in this domain. 

Why you should do it?

Focus T25 workout program is a great one that can help you to lose weight. The healthy diet plan along with the effective workout routine is very good in shaping your body. You will feel fresh and more rejuvenated when you start doing the workout. This is not at all a monotonous routine and you can feel a lot more energetic when you are going though the workout program. The body metabolism and the immune system are boosted and you will feel happy from inside. Your bad habits will be discarded and you will get the perfect athletic body that you have desired for a long time. Weight is the cause behijmd depression and stress. It makes a person cornered from their comfortable zone. Losing weight will help to be happy and free from the stress. One gets a lot of encouragement from within when they start to lose weight. A great healthy athletic body looks good and people have the confidence to face the outer world. Your sped, endurance, agility power increases and you gain a perfect body weight and the desired shape that has been your dream for a long time. Focus T25 workout is a short exercise regimen which is very easy to follow and consumes less time. So it’s a easy one for any individual who wants to live a healthy life with the help of a effective workout routine. 

So if you are looking for a complete Beach body program that can help you to lose weight and build an athletic body, then Focus T25 workout is the best name that can help you to get the desired results.